Our YorkUfire team (Katie, Tim and Ethan) visited London UK to meet with our collaborators and friends last October. The research visit was formerly an annual event for our graduate and undergraduate team members before Covid since 2015 where they were given a chance to share their research with collaborators, and we are quite happy to resume these visits once again!

On this trip we met with the wonderful people in Arup’s: Accessibility and inclusive environments, Elisabetta Carattin & Mei-Yee Man Oram ; Structures in fire, Panos Kotsovinos PhD; Human behaviour in fire, Michael Kinsey 金诚 & Steve Porter.

We also met with our great collaborators at Imperial College Guillermo Rein. There we discussed progress in academia, fostering a research group, and how to engineer a safer world. We then met with folks at Brunel and UCL and various other friends to our team. We then capped the trip off with a nice catch up with Movement Strategies’ Steve Gwynne. These UK trip for our team members serve a purpose to inspire and motivate our student team members in their studies and their careers to see how engineering research meets the real world. I am really excited to see what comes from our trip in our next research steps! Thank you to all our hosts.