Since 2015 we have been studying timber structures as they are growing increasingly popular in Tall building initiatives. In Toronto, Canada alone 4 high rise structures are planned. Our work was motivated by the Kingston City Conflagration of 2013.

Our group explicitly considers Glulam and Laminated Veneer Lumbers. Our focus is experimental and numerical. And we have paid particular attentions to adhesive performance and strength loss with temperature. One of our recent research focuses is on fire dynamics of timber structures. In Autumn of 2017 we performed a large scale fire test to investigate the performance of multi layered gypsum in real fire conditions. That work was a collaboration with University of Waterloo and had the assistance of over 7 research students and various fire brigades. The results are being prepared for publication in the near future.


In addition we are also developing new measurement technologies for timber materials in fire with NIST in Washington.

These projects have a heavy emphasis on developing sustainable construction technologies. The research has had $235,000 in funding commitments primarily from NSERC allocated to consider developing sustainable materials such as Timber for use in Canadian infrastructure.


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