Our most recent research involves a holistic analysis of a large open planned structure that features flat plate post-tensioned flooring system in the UK.

The project considers both the ambient and high temperature performance of post-tensioned structures (from material components to full structure behavior). Most research has focused on the concrete configuration although the timber configuration is also being considered now. It began by considering the mechanical characterization of prestressing steel cables in both ambient and high temperature – with a later extension to bridge cable systems.  To date, the project has received over $325,000 from various funding bodies. This funding has largely come from NSERC Canada. Past and current industrial involvement has included Bridon Steel, ConForce and ARUP. The project has accumulate in a book published by Springer. Our most recent work which is a collaboration with Imperial College and ARUP. There we are assessing the performance of a real prestressed steel concrete structure design exposed to standard, parametric and travelling fires. The study is currently in its early stages and recent preliminary analysis and guidance was presented at the 2018 SIF conference in Belfast, Ireland. 



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