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Doctoral and Master Research:

As of May 2021 our team is very interested in recruiting graduate students into Timber for 2022 Fall start date. We have one graduate positions (1 Master or 1 PhD) that we are looking to fill. This position will only consider those with a interest statement sent before October 2021. Interested people are encouraged to inquire now!  

Canadian (Domestic) and International Funding:

Team members may be provided with highly competitive research stipends to carry out their work fully funded (tuition paid plus a living stipend). Our team has also had a successful record of supporting students with additional scholarships. We have had over 77 major scholarships awarded (including 11 NSERC CGS and 9 OGS graduate scholarships) to team members in the last 6 years.

Undergraduate and CO-OP Internships:

We are a strong believer in undergraduate research opportunities and generally hire about 6 undergraduate students annually. Our team has been successfully awarded 18 NSERC USRA scholarships in the last 5 years.

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    • a note on your opinions on the topic of “Enhancing Equity, Inclusion and Diversity in Engineering”

  • Dr. Gales will reply if there is a fit!

Distance learning in Canada:

Inquire with Dr. Gales if this method of graduate education can work for you. This is usually for Doctoral applicants currently working in practices across Canada.

Post-doctoral funding:

We are keen to accept NSERC PDF recipients, or individuals who are in the process of obtaining the NSERC PDF funding.