Doctoral and Master Research:

Prior to applying to our team, it is encouraged that prospective research students first review our current research described on this website, and then to email Dr. Gales to chat on possibilities and openings. As of July 2019, our team is still; very interested in recruiting graduate students into Timber / Concrete based projects, or characterizing human behaviour in emergency conditions, interested people are encouraged to inquire! 

When emailing, prospective students should also compose a letter as text in their email (Pdf and/or doc files will not be opened unfortunately!) The email should include:

  • relevant skills and experience;
  • career goals;
  • and a note on your opinions on the topic of ‘Enhancing Inclusion and Diversity in engineering’.

Dr. Gales will reply if there is a fit!


Team members are provided with highly competitive research scholarships to carry out their work fully funded (tuition covered plus a living stipend). Our team has had multiple Ontario Graduate Scholarships and NSERC graduate award winners.

Undergraduate and CO-OP Internships:

We are a strong believer in undergraduate research opportunities and generally hire about 4 to 6 undergraduate students annually. Our team has been successfully awarded 12 NSERC USRA scholarships in the last 3 years. Please email Dr. Gales for opportunities.

Distance learning in Canada:

Inquire with Dr. Gales if this method of graduate education can work for you. This is usually for Doctoral applicants currently working in practices across Canada.