To date our students have won over 33 scientific awards for their research with 9 graduated and alumni graduate (Masters and PhD) students.  We work with multiple research associates at various consultancy firms many including former members of the team. Our team is a firm believer in undergraduate research and we typically have a number of researchers helping our projects. A current listing of our Graduate and Associate researcher team includes (undergraduate students and alumni are not listed):

Hailey Quiquero (Timber): 2015- In progress, thesis defended
Lauren Folk ( HBIF, wild land interface): 2015*- In progress
Ben Nicoletta (Bridges, composites): 2016*- In progress
Chloe Jeanneret (Steel, Fire Dynamics): 2017 -In progress
Danielle Aucoin (HBIF, stadiums): 2017-In progress
Bronwyn Chorlton (Timber): 2017*- In progress
Tim Young (HBIF, transportation): 2017 – In progress
Natalie Mazur (Education, Diversity topics): 2017 – In progress
Ranim Dahli (Timber): 2018- In progress

 making batch concrete

*- Includes time as undergrad researcher