The London financial district offers a compelling sample of modern steel structures that were performance based fire designed. The goal is to translate these technologies to Canada.

This research programme, Steel Resilience in Fire, is a multi-industry collaboration with various stakeholders in the steel industry and academia. The research programme’s goal is to develop alternative design solutions which can be implemented within the current Canadian building code as well as appropriate education to train engineers to perform performance based designs. Our partners include: academic partner Imperial College London, consultancy firms Entuitive and Arup UK; CISC-ICCA (Canadian Institute of Steel Construction), and Bensen Steel. The project is supported through several multi-year grants running until 2019. The project output will be a Design Guidance document published by CISC which details to practitioners the appropriate use of Annex K, and techniques to satisfy alternative solutions within the Canadian frame work. Our team also offers a course on the theme of Structural Fire Resilience, and this occurs every January to March.

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