Welcome to the Lassonde Institute of Fire Engineering (LIFE) fire safety research team’s website! Led by Dr John Gales, our research team focuses on Fire Safety Engineering and Structural Fire Resilience at York University. We are a team of over ten strong with heavy emphasis also on graduate and undergraduate research education in fire safety.

This website’s purpose is to make our research and related interests readily available to the public. The website has specific focus on fire safety engineering. Teaching interests and associated files will be posted soon!

TorontosOur work is heavily focused on practical research which can be applied in consultancy. The majority of my partners are leading firms based in Toronto and Ottawa.

Teaching and Education

The following fire engineering graduate courses are provided to our team members either through VOD with our collaborators (Waterloo or WPI) or in class on site (York):

Fire Resilience of Structures

Human Behaviour in Fire (HBIF) 

Fire Dynamics

Fire Modeling

Social Networks

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Media requests for Dr. Gales are best made via email (text interviews in French can also be accommodated). Inquires can be made via email at: jgales@yorku.ca. 

Want to join us? See Prospective Students.