Dr. Gales presented last week in Kingston, Ontario on the topic of “Stadium Pedestrian Movement in Emergencies such as Fire” at the Queen’s University’s Robert and Joyce Jones Civil Engineering Forum. The presentation was largely an adaptation of what was presented at the SFS seminar series earlier in the year for Engineers Australia (see https://portal.engineersaustralia.org.au/event/2022/06/stadium-design-and-pedestrian-movement-43521) but also gave a bit of career journey lessons for students.

A big thank you to their host and organizer Natalie Arpin for inviting Dr. Gales to talk there. The presentation gave future engineers, traditionally learning structural and environmental design, an introduction to human factors in design. The forum was also a great oppertunity to speak with collaborators for the first time (in person!) in a few years with Mark Green, team alumni Bronwyn Chorlton and Josh Woods, PhD PEng Woods. Dr. Gales also got to meet a number of great students who showed so much energy in everything they are studying and trying to achieve with their degrees.