In collaboration with Canadian Wood Council and WoodSmart, our research team developed an off-the shelf undergraduate course for timber engineering for use by any academic, and especially those teaching in Canada. The course encompasses module based learning, featuring: Physical and Mechanical properties, Structural Wood Products, Strength and Modification Factors, Design processes, Tension and Compression members, Bending, Connections, Lateral loading, and a brief Introduction to Fire Safety Detailing for undergraduates. Team members on this project included myself, Ben, Bronwyn, Danielle, and Rebekah. We worked with CWC’s Reed Kelterborn to create these course materials. Lab, assignments and exams are also included as well as introductory CEAB paperwork to get things started for others at different Canadian universities. The package also includes recordings of these modules for ease of access. The materials of the course can be accessed here for free:

This project was inspired by a previous engineering education paper we wrote that looked at how Canadian curriculums can facilitate emerging construction trends more quickly in existing courses here: .

You can also access our other current engineering education studies our group is working on. This year we considered synchronous and asynchronous learning here as well as experiential take home labs : and