Our team’s human behaviour in Stadia project in collaboration with ARUP (a multi-year NSERC Collaborative Research Development Initiative), will be presented at Interflam in London UK this July 2nd. This student led paper by Danielle Aucoin and Tim Young represents an ongoing research project performed over the last two years. To date we have studied ingress and egress behaviour in four stadiums. We have focused on Tennis, Baseball, Soccer and Football, and our preliminary results that we can share are just appearing now.

Our research team has collectively recorded over 15 ingress and egress events at various stadiums

At Interflam, one of the leading conferences in fire in 2019, we will present a paper called “Modeling Human Behavior in Emergency Stadium Fire Evacuations” In this paper we aim to characterize human behaviour seen in a real fire induced emergency evacuation of a Stadium. We then model this data using crowd simulation software MassMotion by Oasys software.

These results of this study are being utilized to further develop strategies and behavioural models in our future work and collaborations. This paper is one of the four of our ARUP collaboration papers for this conference. We will blog about these in the coming days.

You can register for the conference at https://lnkd.in/gKtJDPK . Find out more at a presentation on July 2nd!