Our research team received four NSERC USRA scholarships this summer (up from two last summer). The students (Natalie, Ben, Chloe and Seth) with these scholarships will study a variety of projects from Modelling pedestrian flow, timber design, to studying travelling fires with our international and national collaborators. These national awards at Carleton are given to undergraduate students who are excelling academically and have an interest to pursue further graduate studies.

Our graduate students Hailey Q won an Ontario Graduate Student Award, and so too did Matthew Smith as he recently won the SFPE National Capital Region Chapter Scholarship for Fire Safety Engineering for his thesis and these results are currently being distributed through the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction. In addition Arlin won Provost Scholar. In total the research team received about 36k in scholarships this past month.

I am also pleased to highlight that I was recognized as CSES Best Professor for 2016-17. The award was determined by student members of the Carleton Student Engineering Society. Its a more special award for teaching and research I believe, as it does not involve the professor to apply for it – the students vote. I really was blessed that they had students who worked with me on research present the award to me.

EWBRelated I was invited to lecture on developing countries and fire safety at the Engineers without Borders (EWB) wine and cheese end of year event. This was a great time where I was able to speak with a variety of individuals engaged in that type of work. The presentation was simple. one or two slides that were black and white with a lot of ranting of what i learned over three days preparing for it. This will be a very important subject area in years to come and has a lot of interest from students. I have not been really active with EWB since my queens days. The photo above was taken at launch day at Queens University on March 31st 2009.

Our summer conference circuit will be announced shortly but at the moment we plan to be presenting student led research papers at CSCE, CEEA, IFireSS, ASTM, ASFE and CONFAB. I will also have an announcement regarding some recent editorial board news, new student starts, and research grants for international summer collaborations….It is going to be a busy year ahead!!!