The Salesforce Tower will soon be completed and overtake the Pyramid as San Francisco’s newest and tallest building. I had a great oppertuinity to take a stroll through the construction area early this month and decided to highlight a few aspects of what i learnt and saw.

To me when i see cities like this, i am filled with creative inspiration. Its very easy to predict what the future skyline of San Francisco will look like. Where the tall buildings will appear (note that for now special planning approval must be given in San Fran), where the heritage will be conserved etc. Where Salesforce is located there is a movement to go tall. It represents just one structure out of many that will appear in this district. It is debated for its shape, but structurally i find it inspiring. What is also planned is a elevated green urban park to connect through this area (5.4 acres). Salesforce, a composite steel deck structure, is briefly discussed in this months issue of ASCE and upon reading a short blurb about the structure you will see that its was performance based design for seismic. I haven’t heard much on the fire aspect but ive seen on my walk about that there does not appear too much structural performance based fire design occurring here but i could be mistaken (I tried to reach out for an official tour but none could be accommodated by the building in my visit which was very disappointing – so i had to look afar and guess about its fire design……its a pity considering the efforts with CSCE, ASCE, CISC, we are trying to make globally to help steel construction).

New meets old. The iconic ferry building built in 1898 survived the earthquake in 1906, and stands tall; it was recently renovated in the early 2000s’. Note the photo was uncharacteristically taken on a cloudy day with lots of rain!
Salesforce tower, a 61 story steel structure being built adjacent to San Francisco’s new Transit Bay Center. It will be San Fran’s tallest building when completed.