Yesterday team members (Bronwyn Chorlton and Neir Mazur) and collaborators (Jennifer Ellingham) presented their research with their second organized workshop. This one was on “Gender Differences in Graduate Engineering Student Experiences”. Team members have been investigating the leaky pipeline and following their study of industry, and undergraduate experiences last year, now they considered those experiences of graduate students. Team members surveyed graduate students at multiple universities between 2019 and 2020. The key findings indicate issues pertaining to funding resources for graduate students and very significant disparity in supervisory support between genders. In the coming months more of their work will be made more available.

This is a very important topic that I feel is essential to be an ally towards. Our group has taken great strides in this area to collect and analyze data. Recognizing the need to go beyond just our group as an ally, more recently I have taken on a role as chair of our EDI faculty sub committee at York University Canada. Here equally we are pushing new initiatives in champions, and support systems at the university and I am so excited to be a part of this important work. More to come!