Carleton student Chloe Jeanneret visiting Imperial College and research team alumni and now ARUP Intern Arlin Otto were able to visit Grenfell Tower after the fire in July.

A lot will be said in the coming months, if not years regarding the fire seen at Grenfell. The few things Id say, is that cladding fires are not the only challenge we face in the community of fire engineering. Tunnels, Developing countries, Wild fires, New building materials, Risk based methodologies, etc., and I can go on, are all areas for the last decade we as a community have been stating require additional attention – many are receiving attention. I think from our Canadian fire engineering community’s perspective there are so few of us to study these topics. Our team probably addresses maybe about 60% of the critical fire safety engineering themes at the moment, and we are one of the few groups in Canada to do so – we have to do more in this country than we are.