We are using Narrow Spectrum Illumination to study deformations in fire conditions of various materials.

We are very pleased to announce our fire research team’s results for the NSERC (federal) and OGS (provincial) student scholarships for 2021-22. This year alone team members have been awarded over $250k in research scholarships. Nine of our team members were successful. This includes 2 doctoral NSERC PGS-D awards, 4 masters NSERC CGS and OGS gradate awards, and 3 NSERC USRA awards.

Congratulations to Anne, Chloe, Ethan, Hannah, Katie, Melissa, Scott, Seth, and Tim. These students will be studying a range of fire engineering research topics with applied industrial focus.

The range of topics ranges from the fire design advancements for steel and timber, human behavior and accessibility, heritage structures in fire, BIM for fire design, wildfires, and fires in informal settlements.

Our group is very proud of these students and our previous alumni. Over the last six years these amazing people have won 78 major scholarships to date on our team.

In the Fall we will be announcing additional fully funded graduate student thesis positions in fire engineering for a 2022-23 intake. The positions will be in the area of timber structures in fire. These positions are being created for people outside our team looking to join us from across Canada. Stay tuned – a lot more research news still be announced shortly in coming weeks!

Cover art on this post by Natalia EM.