Summer conferences

We have an exciting two weeks ahead. The research team will be visiting 4 conferences in the coming weeks to present 6 presentations. In addition we will have a 7th presented at ASFE and this will be announced at a later date. The below are brief descriptions of each. Open access versions will appear at a later date.

CSCE Symposium in Vancouver (May 31st to June 3rd)

Mass Heritage Timber Performance in Fire presented by Arlin Otto. The paper looks at a comparison of timber performance in fire of three unique types of timbers. The paper will also discuss adhesive bleeding seen in LVL panels .

Developing Reclaimed Concrete Cement for Structural Grade Sustainable Concretes by Mina Li. The paper will talk of an innovative initiative that seeks to devlop new alternatives for cementing technologies. Mina will also present on how this reclaimed cement was used for Carleton’s toboggan team.

Enabling operational resilience through performance-based fire design by Matt Smith. The paper will discuss various initiative for growing performance based fire design in Canada. Matt will present a case study. Matt is an Engineer at Entuitive.

CEEA Symposium in Toronto (June 4th to June 9th)

Teaching the Fundamentals of Civil Engineering Materials through Experiential Learning by Natalie Mazur.  The paper explores the initiatives for building a comprehensive Materials course at University. The presentation will focus on themes of professional skill development. We will have focus on STEM related initiatives in education .

IfireSS Conference in Naples Italy (June 7th to June 9th)

Performance of Gfrp stay-in- place Formwork for Bridge Decks after Real and Simulated Fire Damage by Ben Nicoletta. The paper considered stay in place gfrp sip formworks with real and artificial damages to understand failure mechanisms. The work is a collaboration with Queen’s University and the University of Waterloo.

ASTM Tall Wood Fire Safety (June 13th)

Novel Imaging Technique to Characterize Flame Spread Rate and Char Progression Rate of Burning Wood by John Gales. Based on the work initiated at NIST and in collaboration, we will present the novel results of measuring char and flame spread in the LIFT test. This is a follow on presentation to our original work presented at Interfalm earlier this year.